Pitch Construction

Pitch drainage is crucial in terms of having a dry surface that is playable all year-round. We endeavor to give the client a high quality pitch which is on-time and within the drainage budget. Midland Sport Surfaces work closely with the client at all stages of the project; we aim to keep the project as cost-effective as possible without affecting the quality of the finished surface. Our team use the latest laser cutting and grading technology to create a level smooth surface that the club can be proud of with our service in Pitch Drainage Westmeath Longford Offlay regions.

Pitch Maintenance

Vertidrain / Shockwave

Vertidrain is a vital aspect of annual pitch maintenance. It is used to aerate the soil without interfering with play. Aeration of the soil helps ensure a healthy turf and is always part of a pitch maintenance programme. We have been involved in pitch maintenance in the Westmeath, Longford, and Offaly area for the past 10 years and have worked with many of the clubs in the midlands area.

Benefits to the turf:

  • Relieves compaction
  • Allows Oxygen to the plant root system
  • Helps water diffuse through the soil
  • Encourages root growth
  • Allows more efficient nutrient uptake

Midland Sports Surfaces have Vertidrains ranging from 1.6m to 2.1m working width, for use on pitches, fairways, tee boxes or smaller areas.

Top Dressing:

Top dressing involves spreading of selected sand over an existing playing surface. The topdressing material is selected based on the pH of the existing soil and the particle size of existing growth medium. It is normally carried out annually in conjunction with vertidraining. By brushing sand into the holes created during vertidraining, water can quickly move from the surface to the drainage layer. This Sanding is also used to break down the “Thatch Layer” which in turn helps eliminate disease. The use of a V-Brush ensures a through playing surface. Many of the clubs in the Westmeath and Longford area contract us to spread sand on an annual basis.


Overseeding is used to stitch new grass into sparse or worn areas of an existing playing surface. At the same time, a more desirable ratio of grasses can be introduced which are harder wearing, have better appearance and more suited to the specific surface. Overseeding is often carried out in conjunction with topdressing.

The experience gained by Midland Sports Surfaces ensures that the best techniques are applied in order to achieve the best possible germination rates. We have recently added the Vredo system to our kit; it is widely regarded as the best machine available.

Renovation and Pitch Maintenance:

Fertilizer Programmes & Scarification:

Midland Sport Surfaces offer the complete maintenance package; we design a fertilizer program based on soil sampling & soil analysis to suit your budget. We assume responsibility for the regime and allow you to focus on playing sports. We also apply amenity herbicides for the selective control of weeds in the turf.

Scarification is used to remove any thatch build-up. This allows improved gas exchange, thereby helping to reduce disease. Scarification is a good means of eliminating undesirable weed species prior to overseeding.

Goalmouth Resurfacing:

The highest wearing area on any pitch is the goalmouth. Midland Sport Surfaces offer natural and artificial solutions. A site visit helps to determine the worst affected area. A natural grass turf is laid on a free draining root zone to replenish the area.

The artificial grass option is becoming ever more popular. It is longer lasting, gives a through surface for ball bounce as well as giving a defined goal line. A 60mm artificial grass is laid on a built up stone base which is linked into the existing pitch drainage network. The grass has white lines incorporated where necessary. It is filled with a dried silica sand and crumb rubber to give a smooth surface that goalies just love. We ensure that any undulations on the pitch are levelled to leave a completely smooth surface. We have installed numerous AstroTurf goalmouths throughout Westmeath and Offaly over the past few years.

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