Hockey Pitches

Our consistent player friendly surfaces promote low abrasion, offer low slide resistance, uniform traction and provide an ideal ball balance. The Hockey Pitch Construction surfaces are available in a combination of colours primarily using Terracotta, Green & Blue.


All Midland Sports Surfaces Hockey Pitch Construction turf products are developed under the following criteria:

    • Meeting the requirements of the FIH (Federation of International Hockey) from recreational to international level.
    • A range of hockey pitch surfaces from sand dressed to sand and rubber filled to meet the needs of the customer, whether at school, club, national or international level play.
    • Utilising the expertise of leading independent consultants in Europe and the UK who specify hockey pitch construction specifications and surfaces.
    • Based on extensive research and feedback with payers and coaches of hockey.
    • Synthetic hockey turf is manufactured to a specification recognised by the FIH.

Our Ranges

We offer a complete range of products for hockey clubs/schools, ranging from practice surfaces up to FIH standard surfaces – these come in a variety of colours: Spots Green/ Terracotta/ Blue.

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