Tennis Courts

For many players, the outdoor carpet is the preferred surface when selecting the ideal tennis court. It offers excellent play characteristics and is less affected by adverse weather conditions than any other surface.

Our Tennis Court Construction products are developed under the following criteria:

  • Based on practical experience of constructing tennis courts and the level of usage for each court.
  • The standard of tennis to be played, professional, amateur, club, school.
  • Is the court required for any other sport? If so, please speak to us.
  • Based on extensive research with tennis players and coaches.
  • Utilising the expertise of leading independent tennis consultants in Europe who specify court construction and carpets.

Our ranges of artificial grass tennis court surfaces are available in short, dense pile or longer, more open surfaces to suit all standards of tennis. A medium pile (13mm/ 15mm) height artificial grass with a dense low size resistance yarn is laid onto a porous base and filled-in with sand. This gives the courts excellent characteristics in terms of ball speed and bounce.

Artificial grass surfaces with a longer pile height produce a faster pace surface with a low to medium ball bounce, but more suitable if you are looking to incorporate additional sports.

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