Pitch Drainage

Pitch drainage is crucial in terms of having a dry surface that is playable all year-round. We endeavour to give the client a high quality pitch which is on-time and within the drainage budget. Midland Sport Surfaces work closely with the client at all stages of the project; we aim to keep the project as cost-effective as possible without affecting the quality of the finished surface.  Our team use the latest lazer cutting and grading technology to create a level smooth surface that the club can be proud of with our service in Pitch Drainage Westmeath Longford Offaly regions.

Primary Drainage:

The first step in designing a pitch drainage network is to assess the soil and ground conditions. A pipe drain network is establiahed using 80-150mm diameter pipes, in trenches which re filled using a suitable drainage stone. The objective being to move the water away from the surface at the desired rate. The distances between drains and the size of pipe will be determined by the level of usage of the pitch, soil types and site conditions. Depending on soil conditions drains are installed using either a 360o excavator or using a lazer guided tractor mounted whizz wheel.

pitch drainage westmeath longford




Secondary Drainage:

In order to achieve a superior sports turf that is always playable, an excellent drainage system is required. Natural pitch drainage will rarely always suffice: supplementary drainage needs to be undertaken to ensure the sports turf does not become unplayable, thereby causing postponed matches.

Slit Drainage:

This uses a tractor mounted machine to cut a 2″trench through an established surface at the required intervals. This trench is then back filled with a clean drainage stone, and then topped to the surface with selected sand. The trench provides a connection from the surface to the primary drainage layer. This method causes minimal damage to any established surface as the system is tractor mounted.


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Gravel Branding:

This process installs a gravel drain filled to the surface, normally at 400mm intervals, providing an intensive surface drainage system. This moves excess water in minutes to the network of primary drains below. Where pitches have become capped over time, it may be necessary to use gravel bands to allow the water get directly into the secondary drainage.

The process leaves the surface immediately playable after installation. However it is preferred to allow the gravel bands to be grown over. Normally this takes 4-6 weeks during the growing season. This method is particularly useful for dealing with problematic areas and is regarded as cost effective.

Finished Surface:

MSS use the latest lazer grading equipment to ensure a smooth finished surface. Grading is always carried out using processes that will not cause compaction in the under lying layers and will have little effect on soil structure. The grass species are selected base on soil conditions and the use of the pitch. Seeding is carried out only during suitable conditions and using the latest seeding technology. We focus on delivering a good service within the time frame and primarily focus on the Pitch Drainage Westmeath Longford Offaly region.

To discuss your requirements please phone Colin on
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