Goalmouths Artificial Grass

In recent years, the replacement of the damaged goalmouth area with an Astroturf surface has become increasingly popular for a number of reasons; it offers the following:

  • smooth & through surface that does not affect ball bounce
  • clean mud-free surface
  • freedraining goals area ideal for goalies to dive on
  • childfriendly goals surface all year-round

A goalmouth most often has a compacted ponding area surrounded by ground that has become raised over time. This creates a mudbath in winter and affects ball bounce in the goals area in summer. MSS have installed numerous Goalmouths Artificial Grass goals over the last few years; each time the club members, players and particularly the goalies have been absolutely delighted with the result.

Goalmouths Artificial Grass, Sports Surface Maintenance

The Refturf 60 LSR synthetic grass surface is a highly durable and hardwearing grass and most suitable Goalmouths Artificial Grass and hurling wall applications. The fibre is designed to bend over as the surface settles with play, thereby withstanding heavy foot-traffic while remaining non-abrasive and silky. The infill materials of sand & rubber are brushed into the goals system. In the final stages in infilling, the tips of the fibres are split open and bend over to stabilise the infill. This makes the Refturf 60 surface ideal for high-usage areas as it is very robust and retains its excellent playing characteristics throughout the life-span of the surface.

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